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Art Teacher and Students won County Fair Art Competition

ID: 58 Published: 10/27/2013 12:21:32 PM

Congratulations to our Art teacher Dr. Linda Carroll and her students Christina Wang (王订娜) and Jayi Wang (王嘉怡) for winning prizes in several art categories at
the 2013 Hillsborough County Fair Art competition which was held last week.

The children’s art competition winner for Best of Show was Breana Carroll, 9 years old, painting the “lotus flower”, winning prise of 25 dollars.

The first place blue ribbon was Lenox Carroll 8 years old, painting of “cactus”, winning prise of 8 dollars.

The first place blue ribbon was Christina Wang, 8 years old, painting “rose and lady bugs”, winning prise 8 dollars.

The first place blue ribbon was Jayi Wang, Painting “rose in a vase”, 10 years old, winning prise 8 dollars.

Their teacher Dr. Linda Gigi Carroll, art teacher of Tampa Chinese school also won the best od Show for adult competition.


上周 希尔斯伯勒县博览会, 儿童艺术比赛,

获得全部儿童比赛最佳奖的是-考碧安-九岁 画的(莲花),赢得25美元奖金。

获得比赛七到八岁混合画 第一名-考琳能-画的(仙人掌 ). 赢得8美元奖金.

获得比赛七到八岁水彩画 第一名-王订娜-画的(玫瑰和瓢虫 ), 赢得8美元奖金.

获得比赛九到十岁水彩画 第一名-王嘉怡画的(花瓶中的玫瑰) 赢得8美元奖金.

他们的老师考琳达博士, 天堡市中文学校的美术老师, 也获得全部成人比赛最佳奖. 赢得35美元奖金.