School Announcement

2018 Fall Semester starts on 8/19

ID: 68 Published: 8/6/2018 8:27:28 AM

Tampa Bay Chinese School 2018 Fall semester starts on Sunday, 8/19/2018. Registration starts at noon in room 1301, building BSN, southeast of coop hall, USF main campus.

You can register online at our website. Click 'Classes', then the class/grade link to check class information and syllabus to see which class fits your children.

Print out your confirmation and bring it to the registration desk to pay in person at registration.

Tampa Bay 中文学校2018秋季注册和开学时间为8月19日中午12点,地点在USF主校园 BSN楼1301教室。

网上注册已经开始了。点击'Classes', 然后选 class/grade 查看课程和教学大纲,注册适合你孩子的课。