School Announcement

2020 春季新增成人中国竹笛/葫芦丝班和键盘乐器乐理和演奏班

ID: 74 Published: 1/23/2020 7:27:27 PM

1. 成人中国竹笛/葫芦丝班,由蓝冰侠老师任教,每周日上午11时。教授竹笛和葫芦丝的基础知识、指法和气息、吹奏基础和技巧等。
2. 键盘乐器乐理和演奏,由李丹舟(霏霏)老师任教,每周日下午1时。教授器乐基本乐理、键盘乐器的基本指法和演奏技巧等。

We are pleased to announce that two new courses are being added in this semester, starting at the beginning of February: 1. Chinese musical instrument (flute/hulusi) for adults and 2.  keyboard musical instrument theory and performance. Please check our website for signup information at