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2021年春季班开学及注册通知 Spring 2021 Online Classes registration begin 12/24/2021

ID: 76 Published: 12/23/2020 2:24:19 PM


 1. 坦帕湾中文学校春季班将于1月10日开学,均为网上授课

2. 网上注册于12月24日开始

3. 收费方式仍通过Zelle or PayPal

4. 1月3日及9日下午1至5时将在文化中心现场办理注册及缴费,届时可收现金或个人支票

5. 开学之日,唯有已交费者方可进入课堂

6. 网上在线注册:


Announce of 2021 Spring Semester at Tampa Bay Chinese School


1. The first day of the semester is Jan. 10, 2021. All classes will be online

2. Online registration will start on Dec. 24, 2020

3. We accept payment via Zelle or PayPal

4. On Jan. 3rd and 9th, we will have on-site registration at Florida Chinese Culture Center, between 1 and 5 pm. We will accept cash or personal checks then.

5. On the first day of the school,  only those who have registered and paid will be able to enter the classroom.

6. Online registration:


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