Teacher Evaluation

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Instruction: TBCS cares about your inputs on our school teachers. Please take a few minutes to fill out the evaluation form below. Your evaluation will help maintain and improve the quality of our teaching. There are four categories to judge a teacher and each category can have a score from 6 to 10. The lowest possible score is 6 and the highest possible score is 10. If you think a teacher deserves a score outside this range, please still choose the minimum or maximum score and then put in the comments area your reason.
Your evaluation will be strictly confidential and the teacher you are evaluating will not be able to see your evaluation.

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Teaching Method Score: 
The teacher showed sufficient mastery of content; provided for student participation in the classroom; asked logical, purposeful and thought-provoking questions; provided interesting and adequate reinforcement; modified procedures in working with students of varying abilities; provided motivation and stimulation; maintained student interest and attention; managed routine so as to avoid confusion; showed evidence of sound preparation for class; provided students with directions that are clearly thought out and well stated; knew if the pacing is adequate; and carefully Planned student assignments.

Work Attitude Score: 
The teacher was scarcely or never late for class; had positive attitude toward students, school, and parents; treated all students equally; used positive and supportive statements towards students; maintained a friendly and respectful teacher-student/parent relationship; and exhibited poise, voice control, and tact.

Teaching Content Score: 
The teacher taught contents that are conform with school’s requirements; added relevant materials that had helped students learn Chinese language and culture; and provided enrichment or remediation where needed; Any offensive contents, political opinions, religious believes, or commercial promotions are prohibited at the TBCS.

Student Progress Score: 
Students demonstrate continuing progress during the school year