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Huimin Ren
Speciality: Language
Email: hren813@gmail.com

我来自中国北京。毕业于对外经济贸易大学。曾在纽约华夏中文学校从事了近两年中文教学. 自2011年秋季起在  Tampa Bay Chinese School   教中文至今。

我喜欢孩子们。 如何理解,看待孩子们的心理成长, 如何教育孩子,如何让我们的下一代感受到中华民族的聪明智慧和中国文化的博大精深,是我经常思考的问题,也曾为此摸索。

在美国这个多元化的社会里,教好中文是一个课题也是一种挑战。为了帮助我们的下一代学习中文,了解中国的文化和历史, 继承我们中华民族 的美德,我愿接受这种挑战。

I come from Beijing, China and graduated from the University of International Business and Economics. I taught for two years at the Hua Xia Chinese School in New York City.  Since the fall of 2011, I have been with the Tampa Bay Chinese School.

I really love kids.  To me,  it is very important to understand a child’s development and match an appropriate education plan for him or her.  The Chinese culture and nation is profound, awe-inspiring, proud, and everlasting. I constantly think about how best to pass on our wisdom and knowledge to the next generation.

In such a multi-cultured society as America, teaching Chinese well is a necessary task as well is a challenge. But in order to instill our values and continue our culture and tradition, this  is a challenge. I am more than willing to accept.