Grade 2 - (1)

Class 2 is a beginning level Chinese course. It is assumed the students already have knowledge of basic Chinese learned either through taking Class 1 in Chinese School or through some other relevant experience. Students should understand of the concept of PinYin. The course will cover a wide range of materials, both in terms of vocabulary and grammar. Students will learn to read and write Chinese texts with minimal help and will learn to read Chinese texts without the aid of PinYin. Additionally, the course will integrate Chinese culture into language learning to enhance the understanding of cultural influence on the language.


     <>第二册在第一册简单短句基础上引入了简短的课文,儿歌。学生除了完成课本的学习内容以外,还要复习以前所学的基本知识,包括生字、反义 词、多音字、偏旁部首等。本课程采用汉语普通话教学,学生必须具有基本普通话听说能力,一年以上的汉字学习经历。