Grade 3A-(2)

Book 3: A set of books (edited by the Chinese Language Institute of Jinan University, China). Chinese Volume 3 consists of four units, twelve lessons, and four comprehensive exercises. This semester plans to complete the texts in Modules 1 and 2 and Chinese 3 books, and the content is deepened. Each lesson has two lessons and four lesson completions. In addition to learning the content of the new lesson, it is also necessary to review the basic knowledge (including: new words, phrases, antonyms, polyphonic words, radicals, quantifiers) that have been learned before. The whole class is taught in Mandarin. Students should have the basic ability to hear and speak Mandarin, have a certain foundation for learning Chinese, and be able to read texts and write sentences. Teaching students how to check the Xinhua dictionary.

第三册:“中国暨南大学华文学院编”(修订版)书一套。 中文第3册共有四个单元,十二课, 四个综合练习。 本学期计划学习完成第1、2 单元, 中文3册书内的课文,内容加深。每课书有两次课,四课时完成,除了学习新课的内容外,还要结合新课复习从前学过的基础知识(包括:生字,短语,反义词,多音字,偏旁部首,量词)全课采用普通话教学。学生应具有听说普通话的基本能力,有一定的学习汉语的基础,能读课文写句子。教学生如何查新华字典。