Early Dev. Prog. 1A

This class is special Early Development Program 1A that is offered at the Tampa Bay Chinese School. It is equivalent to the pre-school level. The class starts from scratch and focuses on developing students’ basic conversational Mandarin Chinese. Students will improve their listening, speaking and reading skills through children’s songs, poems, chants, stories, and role play of different everyday situations. By using flash cards, the students will be able to recognize about 50 Chinese characters. The students will learn basic greeting and self-introduction, including how to ask and answer questions involving name and age, introduce family members, count in Chinese, name basic body parts, etc. The curriculum design will follow the world-readiness standards for learning languages and will integrate communication, culture, connection, comparison, and community into a student-centered classroom. Our goal is to help students learn meaningful Chinese in a fun way.

For EDP1A, instruction is given in Mandarin Chinese. The students will learn simplified Chinese characters.

这门课程是坦帕湾中文学校别具特色的早教项目(Early Development Program, EDP)的第一个学期,相当于公立学校Preschool的水平。本课程将从零开始,提高学生们的中文表达及识字/阅读能力。学生们将在老师的引导下在游戏、童谣、画画、唱歌、讲故事等活动中听中文、说中文,学习最基本的拼音常识,还会通过字词卡片认读大约50个中文字词。课程设计包括常用问候语,介绍姓名、年龄、家庭成员,数数,识五官,简单的课堂用语等。在教学过程中,老师会以美国外语教学的5C标准来培养学生的沟通(communication)能力,并在教学中融入文化(culture)、关联(connection)、比较(comparison)并和社区活动(community)结合。我们的目标是让学生们在快乐中学习有实用意义的中文。