LEGO Robotics G4-8

LEGO Robotics G4-G8 FLL Challenge

LEGO Robotics involves the use of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. For students, throughout my lesson, based on project-based activities, they will learn the SPIKE Prime Hub, Force Sensor, Color Sensor, Gyro Sensor (built in), Distance Sensor, and Scratch based software to program, calibrate, and accurately control them. They will gradually develop troubleshooting skills. They will also learn chassis design, gearing, wheeled robots and tracked robots, grab, lift, push, passive and power attachments. I will also challenge them with the Python programming language.

This LEGO Robotics lesson not only aids students in their understanding of the previously mentioned subjects but can also help them in several other aspects of life in the long-term. They will develop skills such as working in a team, thinking creatively, and communicating effectively.