School Calendar



DayDateWeekDaySchool EventComments 
18/20/2017Sunday Class First day of school & open registration 开学首日, 注册
28/27/2017Sunday Class Teacher & Administrative conference (教师及行政人员会议 12:00-12:45 PM)
39/3/2017Sunday No Class No school, Labor day 无课,劳动节
49/10/2017Sunday No Class School close due to Hurricane Irma
59/17/2017Sunday Class Parent email contact test. Please contact us ASAP if you can't receive our test email. (家长电子邮箱测试)
69/24/2017Sunday Class Student roster check 注册学生名单核对
710/1/2017Sunday Class
810/8/2017Sunday Class
910/15/2017Sunday Class
1010/22/2017Sunday Class
1110/29/2017Sunday Class
1211/5/2017Sunday Class Daylight saving end (夏令时结束)
1311/12/2017Sunday Class Sunday after Veterans Day. School is open.
1411/19/2017Sunday Class Final Exam
1511/26/2017Sunday No Class Thanksgiving weekend 无课,感恩节
1612/3/2017Sunday No Class USF Final Exam (无课, USF 无教室)
1712/10/2017Sunday Class
1812/17/2017Sunday Special Event End of Semester Event, USF Cooper Hall R103 9:30 am - 4:30 pm. Last day of school, Report cards, awards. (学校最后一天,发成绩单,全勤奖)