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2011 End of School Year Party

ID: 43 Published: 5/25/2011 9:07:57 AM

TBCS 2011 End of School Year party was held successfully on May 21, 2011 at Lake Magdalene lakeside picnic pavilions. This year’s event was jointly hosted by CAAT and TBCS; such joined picnic party led to a greater deal of funs and, sure, foods surplus as well.  


At the party, awards were given out to the students who have participated and won in the TBCS 3rd Chinese Essay Contest titled “My Dad (我的爸爸)”. Students of TBCS again demonstrated their tremendous talents and dedications to written Chinese, and surprisingly there were so many heroic and idolized dads out there that would certainly make all the mothers jealousy on each other.  


Again, thanks to G2 and G5 teacher Ms. Ren Xin’s amazing work, this year’s student essays again have been compiled beautifully and now is available for download from our school website at


During the party, school teachers and students also bade farewell to the retiring Principal Vivian Weihong Sun and welcome the new Principal Jessie Jingzhi Xu who had served as the treasurer for TBCS for many years in the past. To get a visual feeds of the party, please visit the TBCS photo center - 2011 End of School Year.

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