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ID: 47 Published: 9/28/2011 7:07:37 PM

天柏湾中文学校 (TBCS) students performed total of four programs at the CAAT Moon Festival 2011

Programs directed by Miss Wei Xue (薛蔚):

1。 表演唱 (Singing and Dancing) - 爸爸的雪花 (Daddy's Snow Flake)

演唱: 梅雨森 Solo by Madison Massey

伴舞 dance performed by: 

Angie Li

Caroline Wang

Kayla Li

Lily Liu

Rebecca Lin

Vicky Oula

Victoria Carpenter

2。 后翌和嫦娥的故事 (Story of Hou Yi and Chang E).

Story telling by: 

张叶 (Ye Zhang)

Madison Lysaght

后翌 – Kayla Li

嫦娥 – Madison Massey


鹏 (Peng – the bad guy) – Miss Wei Xue

小白兔 – Lydia Li

十个太阳 – 10 TBCS Students

人民 – Caroline Wang

3。 The following students have performed in the Dance “The Heavenly Song”:

Amanda Chin, Katie Lilyea, Rachel Galpin , Anna Northcutt, Lila Bo Williams, Lydia Li


TBCS Student perfomance
TBCS Student perfomance

(photos provided by Mr. Zhang, Guolin, Miss Xue and Ms. Sunny Duan, programs provided by Miss Xue).

Programs directed by Ms Wei, Fengming (韦凤鸣):



表演者:中文学校艺术班学生 TBCS Art class students

张叶 (Ye Zhang), 莲子 Isabel (Lian Zi) Rosenfeld, Christina Wang, Laura Dong

TBCS Student perfomance

TBCS Student perfomance