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Dr. Xiaojun He
Speciality: Language
Email: meimei791he@gmail.com

My name is Dr. Xiaojun He. I obtained my Ph. D. in Public Health. I had worked at a government agency for 20 years, and have been practicing laws for 15 years as a lawyer. I have three children, two of them are working, and youngest one will attend college this year. I love children, love to spend time with them, play with them and teach them. I have not had any formal teaching experience, but have been giving seminars and lectures for various companies and organizations. I have also been a radio host in China. I like to work with my pupils, teach them Chinese and Chinese culture, and wish them will love Chinese and Chinese culture after they learn more Chinese and Chinese culture.


我是何小军博士。 我获得了公共卫生博士学位。 我曾在一家政府机构工作了20年,并且作为律师从事法律工作已有15年。 我有三个孩子,其中两个正在工作,最年轻的一个将在今年上大学。 我爱孩子,喜欢和他们共度时光,和他们一起玩,教他们。 我没有教孩子的经历,但一直在为各种公司和组织举办研讨会和讲座。 我也做过中国的电台播音员。 我喜欢与我的学生一起工作,教他们中国和中国文化,并希望他们在了解更多中国和中国文化后,会喜欢中国和中国文化。